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Cardiac Tissue Tester

Develop a vision guided motion platform to characterize the elasticity of porcine tissue for cardiac surgery. System had to be compliant with FDA CFR 21 Part 11 standard.

Control four high-precision linear motion stages, acquire signals from two load cells and correlate all data with up to nine markers placed on the tissue sample via synchronized digital imaging. Archive all collected data into a MS SQL Server database. Calculate results and create reports.

The tissue samples were place in a liquid filled bath to more closely simulate the conditions inside the human body. In addition this sample was in constant motion due to the linear actuators stretching and relaxing the sample. The presence of small particles floating around and appearing in the image made it more difficult to track the equally small markers that were placed on the tissue sample. Since the load and stretch data had to be closely correlated, the motion control, the data acquisition for the load cells and the image acquisition had to be synchronized.

Using NI LabVIEW with the IMAQ image acquisition tool kit, an NI E-Series data acquisition board and a motion controller, we were able to synchronize and correlate all required signals and the image acquisition. By integrating a MS SQL Server database backend, audit trail logging and user account management, we were able to comply with the stringent FDA requirements.

The resulting system allows our client to gather crucial data from their tissue samples to improve the longevity of their implantable devices. The database allows an almost infinite number of comparisons between results and is therefore an invaluable research tool. This fully automated and highly customized test system helps to rapidly analyze a substantial number of tissue samples.





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