moviMED Custom Imaging Solutions for Motion Vision Applications
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3D Inspection and Measurement - moviScan 3D

The Worlds Fastest 3D Cameras

3D Inspection and Measurement up to 104 million 3D points /sec

Integrated Laser Control
Flexible Triggering
Industrial I/O
Multiple Senor AOIs

The moviSCAN 3D line of inspection and measurement camera solutions offer a series of 3D machine vision components and all-in-one systems for rapid three-dimensional measurement in accordance with the laser-scanning triangulation process.

Thanks to the intelligent way the camera processes the image data, moviSCAN 3D technology allows rates of measurement not previously attained, for use in inspection, measurement and grading applications.

Measurement Principle

The moviSCAN 3D sensor acquires intensity, height and width profiles, by means of laser triangulation using a sheet-of-light technique. A laser line is projected onto the surface of the object. The resulting sensor image is evaluated by the camera and converted into dimensional height information (X-dimension, Y-dimension and Z-height). By scanning the laser line over the object, a complete height image of the object can be acquired.

Uncompromised Speed and Flexibilty

A state-of-the-art parallel hardware architecture allows the camera to pre-process all 3D data before sending it to a PC. For maximum flexibility, the user can choose between three main algorithms and numerous scan settings.

The selected profile algorithm does not impact the scan speed of the camera in any way, allowing the camera to scan even the most challenging surfaces at full speed.

Multiple Sensor-AOIs and Multiple Feature Output

The moviSCAN 3D sensor is capable of delivering position data as well as additional features without sacrificing profile speed. Up to eight simultaneous areas of interest (AOIs) can be defined for dividing the sensor into separate sub windows.

Wide Range of 3D Applications

Possible Inspection Applications: (click to learn more)

Additional Features

Easy Integration in Machine Vision Systems
The moviSCAN 3D cameras use either a standard CameraLink or Gigabit-Ethernet interface facilitating ease of integration. Once the camera is configured it boots up using the predefined settings without any camera specific programming. The C4 series comes with a built-in illumination controller, allowing the control of laser power and modulation.

Flexible Trigger Interface
All sensors come with a configurable trigger interface. The I/O lines are opto-isolated and compatible with TTL as well as industrial 24VDC signal levels. The quadrature encoder interface with programmable counter and direction allows for precise profile triggering, even during changing scan velocities.

HDR Technology
Our C4-1280 model has a new CMOS sensor with extended dynamic range (HDR) allowing it to scan difficult surfaces.

Optional Accessories
The moviSCAN 3D sensors are available in different configurations; including a board only version for high volume OEM applications, a compact sensor with industrial housing, a Scheimpflug adapter, screw terminal connector and SDK.


It would be to discuss your 3D project needs with you. Please fill in our contact form and a brief outline of the application you are using.

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